"A Loving Church That Cares For You And Is Reaching Out In Love"

Rev. Michael Daniels

Born in San Francisco, California. His favorite color is green. His favorite sports team is the Los Angeles Lakers, and he enjoys eating barbecue. He’s been married for 15 years to Erika Daniels with five children ranging from 1 years old to 23 years of age. His biggest influence in life is Jesus Christ without him there would be no ME. favorite book of the bible Genesis. his favorite verse is Phil: 1:16. His favorite song is Blessed Assurance. his vision for the ministry is to inspire young people to allow God to guide their lives and to see them do great and productive things in the name of and for the cause of Christ. interest are coaching basketball, collecting comic books. he enjoys about the ministry is teaching and seeing the understanding¬† of God’s word manifest itself in the lives of my students. I also enjoy learning new and exciting truths from the word of God.

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