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Greater Faith Grace Bible Church

Greater Faith Grace Bible Church Doctrinal Statements

We believe the whole Bible is the verbally, inspired Word of God, Wholly, without error as originally given by God. It is completely reliable and sufficient as our infallible rule of faith and practice. No other book is inspired by God, as is the Bible.
Complete Doctrinal Statements…

  1. The Scriptures: We believe that both the Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired by God and are inerrant in the original writings. Through the providence of God. The Scriptures have been preserved and are the supreme, final and adequate authority in faith and life (Psalms 19:7; 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21).


  1. God: We Believe in the one and only living true God. He is the perfect, intelligent, spiritual and personal being. He is the Creator, Redeemer, Preserver and Ruler of the universe. God is infinite in holiness and all other perfections. To Him we owe the highest love, reverence, and obedience. The eternal God reveals Himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with distinct personal attributes, but without division of nature, essence or being (Genesis 1:26; Jeremiah 10:10; Matthew 3:16-17; Matthew 28:19).


  1. God the Father: We believe God as Father reigns with providential care over His universe, His creatures and the flow of human history according to the purpose of His grace. He is all powerful, all loving and all wise. God is Father in truth to those who become children of God through faith in Jesus Christ. He is fatherly in His attitude toward all men (Genesis 1:1; Exodus 6:2-3, 15:11; Deuteronomy 6:4; I Corinthians 8:6; Ephesians 4:6; I Timothy 1:17; Hebrews 12:9; I Peter 1:17).


  1. Jesus Christ: We believe that Jesu Christ is the Son of God, begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, shed His blood on Calvary as a vicarious substitute, was buried, rose again bodily and ascended to the Father according to the Scriptures (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-25; I Corinthians 15:3-4; Hebrews 9:22; Acts 1:9).


  1. Holy Spirit: We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, very God, co-existent with the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the chief agent in the regeneration, the chief convictor of sin, and the chief comforter of the the believer into the body of Christ 9 (Matthew 28:19; John 16:7-11; Acts 5:3-4; Romans 8:9; I Corinthians 12:12-14).


  1. Man: We believe that man is the direct creation of God - body, soul and spirit – and is not in any sense the result of evolution but is made in the image and likeness of God.

Adam, the first man, sinned by disobedience. This act resulted in the fall of mankind (inheriting a sinful nature, becoming totally depraved and alienated from God, and of himself, utterly unable to remedy his lost condition) and incurred both physical and spiritual death for all (Genesis 1:26-27; Romans 3:10:22-23; Romans 5:12; Ephesians 2:1-2, 12).

  1. Salvation: We believe that salvation comes by personal faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a gift of God not earned or deserved. Salvation involves redemption, regeneration, sanctification and glorification (John 3:3; John 17:17, Romans8:29-30; Ephesians 2:8-9; Ephesians 4:30; Titus 3:5).


  1. Second Coming: We Believe in the literal, visible personal, return of Jesus Christ for His Church. The dead in Christ and the living believers will be translated to meet him in the air. At the end of the seven-year tribulation, Christ will visibly descend with the saints to establish His earthly millennial kingdom (Acts 1:11; I Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelations 20:1-6).


  1. Satan: We believe Satan is a fallen (sinful) angel who is against Christ and His Church attempting to prevent the spread of the Gospel by lying and teaching false doctrines. Satan and other fallen angels have been judged of God and they await their ultimate eternal doom in hell (Isaiah 14:12-14; Ezekiel 28:11-19; Matthew 16:18; Luke 8:12, 10:18; John 8:44, 16:11; I Timothy 3:7, 4:1; Revelation 20:10).


  1. The Priesthood of the Believer: We believe in the priesthood of all believers so that every Christian has direct access to god in prayer through Jesus Christ, our great High Priest, and that there is no mediator between God and man other than Jesus Christ (Hebrews 4:16; I Timothy 2:5; Revelations 1:6).


  1. Security of the Believer: We believe that the Holy spirit permanently seals and indwells all believers for all eternity (John 10:28; John 10:14-26; I Corinthians 2:9-14; Ephesians 1:13; Ephesians 2:8-9; I Peter 1:5; Jude 24-25).


  1. The Two Natures: We believe that every saved person has two natures with provision made for victory of the new nature over the old nature through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit (Romans 6:13, 8:12, 13); Ephesians 4:22, 23; Colossians 3:10; I Peter 1:14-16; I John 3:5-9).


  1. Church and It’s Mission: We believe New Testament church of the Lord Jesus Christ is a local body of baptized believers who are associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the gospel, observing the two ordinances of Christ, committed to His Teachings, exercising the gifts, rights and privileges invested in them by His Word. The primary mission of the church is to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to disciple those who place a personal faith in Jesus Christ. The body of Christ includes all of the redeemed of all the ages (Matthew 16:15-19, 18:15-20, 28:18-20; Acts 1:8, 2:41-42; I Corinthians 1:2; Ephesians 1:22-23, 2:19-22, Colossians 1:18).


  1. Ordinances: We believe that all who received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord should be baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Baptism is by immersion in the likeness of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. The Lord’s Supper should be observed in remembrance of Him to show forth His death for our sins until He comes again (Matthew 26:26-30; Matthew 28:19-20; Romans 6:3-6: 3

I Corinthians 11:23-29).

  1. Stewardship: We believe God I the owner and source of all things. We are therefore accountable that we serve God faithfully with our time, talents and material possessions (Leviticus 27:30, Proverbs 3:9-10; Malachi 3:8-10, Luke 6:38;

2 Corinthians 8-9).